the beginning…

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I welcome you to this, my blog.

I start this blog because I feel the need to share part of my message here, in the public view. A message that keeps changing and transforming. A message that sometimes feels complete and most of the time about to start …

In the blog I will publish information that will come to me on different topics, all within the field of education, personal development and educational systems and tools, as I come and go and thinking and feeling about them… I invite you to read the contents that I will hang as a possible research to clarify, bringing light and some awareness to the inner world we have inside and also the world we live in together…

Hoping to contribute a little bit … although it would be better to contribute as much as a mountain if possible, right?

I would like to start my web page by sharing with you something of mine in a universal language that transcends verbal language, music, welcome all once again:

“Education, communication and action will lead us to justice and freedom”

Happy 15th may 2012

This post is also available in: esEspañol

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